ntroducing Los Angeles

Los Angeles, also minimally called LA, is the largest city in the state of California, and the second largest city in the United States. Positioned on a expansive flat area in the South of California, LA is surrounded by extensive forests, huge mountain peaks, the blue Pacific Ocean and parched deserts.

Starting as a insignificant township in the 18th century, the city started to develop about a hundred years later due to the coming of the railroad, and expanded rapidly until the present. Nowadays the urban region is centered in LA County, but extends into San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Ventura County and Orange County.

The city is home to nearly 18 million people who originate from all parts of the globe. Los Angeles is a city of great diversity, incorporating a big Hispanic population, a major Asian community, and large populations of many other national origins.

Los Angeles is an important hub for culture, retail, business and global trade, however it is internationally famous for being the home of the globe’s entertainment studios. The glitz of Sunset Strip, Hollywood, Bel Air and Beverly Hills has cemented Los Angeles’s reputation as an American dream further driving the region’s massive growth.

The popularity of Los Angeles’s cruise terminals is greater than ever, and today over 300 cruises start from the port each year. Destinations on offer include the Mexican Riviera and Hawaiian islands. Choosing a cruise from Los Angeles makes for a memorable vacation.

Los Angeles Cruise Terminals

Los Angeles’s San Pedro bay holds 2 cruise ports, the World Cruise Center at the Port of Los Angeles (commonly called simply San Pedro), and four miles eastwards Long Beach Cruise Terminal adjacent to the Port of Long Beach. Cruise ships berth at the World Cruise Center, except most (but not all) Carnival-affiliated cruise ships which berth at Long Beach.

World Cruise Center Cruise Terminals
There are 2 cruise ship terminals at the World Cruise Center, Terminal 91-92 and Terminal 93. Capacity is two to three big cruise ships. Each cruise terminal has the basic amenities, such as eateries, parking areas, cab ranks, shops, bars and check in desks.

Long Beach Cruise Terminal
The Long Beach Cruise Terminal was constructed by Carnival Cruiselines, and opened in 2003. The terminal is inside the round dome that was formerly home to Spruce Goose, now located in Evergreen museum, Oregon. Long Beach cruise terminal possesses one 1100ft pier able to handle one full size cruise liner. The terminal offers all the basic services, such as check in, shops, parking zones, cab ranks, cafes and bars. Adjacent to the terminal sits the historic Queen Mary ocean liner.

5 Best Things To Do in San Pedro/Long Beach (Editor’s choice!)

1 Los Angeles Maritime Museum (San Pedro)
Discover the past and present of the harbor of LA at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum, sited at the 1941 Municipal Ferry Terminal. Check out hundreds of displays such as photos, original maps, machines and models of important vessels and boats. Sited near Harbor and 6th around half mile south of San Pedro cruise facility.

2 Ports O’ Call (San Pedro)
Planned to resemble a New England fishing community, Ports O’ Call is a great trip. There’s lots of restaurants, bars, galleries and shops, beside charming paved paths. There’s also a harbor for boat journeys around the bay, whale watching cruises and day trips to Catalina Island. Ports O’Call is around a mile southwards from San Pedro cruise terminal.

3 Red Car Trolley Ride (San Pedro)
The Red Car Line is a one and a half mile long trolley service interconnecting the Marina and the World Cruise Center. The trolley has drop-offs at Ports O’ Call and the LA Maritime Museum. The Red Cars are completely refurbished to their former glory, with upholstered seats, wood panelled sides and ornate brass fittings.

4 Queen Mary (Long Beach)
In 1936 Queen Mary commenced service for the Cunard Cruise Line and she operated for 30 years, including a time of military service in WWII. The liner crossed the Atlantic ocean 1001 times, posting crossing time records on several occasions. In the late 1960s the liner arrived in Long Beach to become maritime museum and hotel.
Located next to Long Beach cruise port.

5 Aquarium of The Pacific and Shoreline Aquatic Park
Be introduced to the frigid environment of the Arctic, the rich reefs of the Tropics and the warm seas of California at this marvelous aquarium. Come face-to-face with the ocean’s ultimate predators in the large Shark Lagoon. Subsequent to your tour to the aquarium walk around adjacent Shoreline Aquatic Park, a lovely area of parkland by the sea. Located just across the bay from Long Beach port, about 2 miles by car.

Picking A Cruise From Los Angeles

The favorite itinerary from LA cruise port is a trip following the western coastline of Mexico. Baja California itineraries typically stop at Ensenada and Catalina island, whereas Mexican Riviera voyages stop at Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo. More extended voyages available include trips to the Hawaiian islands, and non-return trans Panama canal voyages to the eastern US. In early summer several cruises to Vancouver are on offer, as ships position read for a summer season of Alaska cruising. Most cruise lines offer sampler cruises for UK passengers departing mainly from Dover and Southampton so you can see if you are best suited to a particular cruise line.Go to www.cruisesfromsouthampton.uk

Travelling To The Cruise Terminal From Los Angeles International Airport

Join the supershuttle service to the required cruise port. About a 40 minute ride

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